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Luojia Golden Fall Art Festival
Luojia Golden Fall Art Festival was created in 1987 and is now the most renowned cultural activity on campus. The art festival presents a perfect integration of art competition and art appreciation.

Luojia Golden Fall International Cultural Festival
Created in 2005, Luojia Golden Fall International Cultural Festival, with the international students as the main participants and international cultural exchange as the theme, is intended to deepen the mutual understanding between students from various countries and enhance the cultural communication between China and other countries.

Students' Associations Cultural Festival
Students' Associations Cultural Festival is one of the most important brand activities of WHU Union of Students' Associations. The festival includes more than 60 activities, grand and small, among which "Cherry Blossoms Poetry Competition" and "Cherry Blossoms Pen" have an extensive influence not only within Wuhan but also in universities across the whole nation.

Campus Supermarket of Cultural Activities
Launched in 2003, the Campus Supermarket of Cultural Activities is a comparatively young brand activity on campus. By now, we have formed six main sections, namely, "Luojia Theatre", "Luojia Literature Saloon", "Art Arena", "Art Kaleidoscope", "Sailing in the Scientific Ocean", and "Weekend Art Gallery", under which there are in total over 30 sub-activities covering literature, art, science and technology, and social practice, etc.

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