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How WHU deals with virus? -- President Dou Xiankang’s interview with CCTV
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On 19th February, news commentator Bai Yansong with CCTV interviews academician Dou Xiankang, president of WHU in the live programme “News 1+1”.

Q1: How does WHU support its two hospitals in fighting against NCP?

A1: WHU’s two hospitals take on significant responsibilities in the battle against NCP. Our support for the hospitals mainly includes the following aspects. Firstly, science and technology. Scientific and technological strengths of our university and colleges are highly employed in this anti-epidemic battlefield. For example, colleges are playing an important role in supporting the nucleic acid testing. Secondly, alumni resources. A couple of days ago, alumni came to our support to tackle the severe shortage of materials by providing the two hospitals with nearly 10 million face masks, 590,000 protective clothes and 170,000 goggles. Thirdly, we offer financial assistance to the hospitals with their works. In addition, we will give prior opportunity of promotion to doctors and nurses at the battlefront when the battle is end.

Q2: Are there any students in WHU participating in the battle as medical workers?

A2: Direct participation in the medical treatment requires professional qualification. But some students take a part as volunteers, offering supporting services in isolation wards. In addition, a large number of medical students come to the community, supporting home-based isolation and home-based treatment.

Q3: Some WHU alumni sacrifice their lives in the battle just like dean Liu Zhiming. How will the university mourn and honor them?

Anyone’s passing away will bring a son away from his father, a husband away from his wife, a father away from his child. Here, we are in great sorrow with condolences to them. WHU has many outstanding alumni. In this battle, more than one excellent doctor such as dean Liu gave their lives. Our university and our alumni will continue to ensure the basic life of their families. More importantly, we will call on our medical students to learn from their dedication and integrity, two lofty personalities.

Q4: How does WHU ensure the safety of students staying on campus. Are there any students infected?

Among 796 students staying in the university, there are 363 graduates, 373 international students and around 50 undergraduates, and our protective measures prove effective. In terms of accommodation, a single room is provided to every student with necessary facilities. For diet, foods are directly delivered to dorms to reduce the possibility of infection. As for their studies, some graduates’ experiments cannot be interrupted, so they are informed of necessary self-protective measures to avoid infection. Up till now, 796 students in the university are not infected, except for a graduate student who helps doctors at the frontline.

Q5: What measures does WHU take to prevent students going back to campus?

A5: A careful work has been done. WHU has built up a strong team for student affairs. Counselors, head teachers, college and department leaders are all mobilized to keep in touch with every student, telling them that their staying at home is the biggest support for the battle against the epidemic. Of course, we also arrange online teaching to ensure students’ normal study at home.

Q6: How does WHU ensure the teaching activity for students all over the country or even the world?

A6: We start the online teaching on 17th February with effectiveness as the primary goal. For those difficult courses for self-learning, recorded videos are provided by teachers, and students can download them in advance, and then discuss on class after learning the courses by themselves. For those easy courses, handouts are provided to evoke students’ thinking and assign some homework before discussing online. A total of 881 courses are offered in the morning of 17th February, with 22,000 students participating in the teaching activities. We are glad to see a satisfactory response.

Q7: What dynamic adjustment does WHU make to ensure the online course accessibility.

A7: For difficult courses, we adopt recorded video teaching, allowing students to preview courses and discuss questions with teachers. After a period of practicing, we find a pleasing result that the interaction between teachers and students improves a lot.

Q8: How to help graduating students hunt for jobs during this period?

A8: At present, the only thing we can do is to open up more channels online to help students find jobs. After the epidemic, we will step up efforts to introduce enterprises to WHU for recruitment to ensure students can find satisfactory jobs after graduation.

Q9: As the president, any words for students who want to apply for WHU?

A9: Wuhan is a city of heroes, and Wuhan University is a university of greatness. We are temporarily trapped, but we are confident in our victory against the adversary. I hope more high school students can learn more about Wuhan University, then come and study here. Wuhan University is endowed with time-honored culture. In the battle against the epidemic, donations of our graduates to the two hospitals and Wuhan city, as well as the spirit of our doctors and nurses working in the frontline, demonstrate the motto of Wuhan University—self-improvement, perseverance, seeking truth, and innovation. After the epidemic, we hope you can come to the beautiful East Lake, under Luojia Mountain, and learn and grow with us.

Q10: How will the upright spirits and brave behaviors demonstrated in the battle be part of WHU’s future education as an ingrained virtue upheld by its students even when they leave the university?

A10: Such spirits, have touched not only our students, but also our faculties, including me. The fierce battle can never bury the warmth that moves us. Specifically for a higher education institute, they take the form of dedication to one’s position and professional expertise.WHU must educate our students to be patriotic, professional as well as skilled to perform their duties.

Rewritten by: Cao Siyi

Edited by Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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